Here are some samples of things I have written. I retain copyright on everything and if you want to reprint my work just ask and you’re likely to receive.


I wrote more than 20 stories for Quartz and every one of them was without compensation of any kind. I gave them 30 day exclusive rights on a handshake with S. Mitra Kalita, who was their “Ideas” editor at the time. Now that I see they have put my stories behind a paywall I’m reproducing them here or on Medium.


I first began writing for an industry rag called Advanced Trading which was later changed to Wall Street & Technology. My home page at WS&T is here. Their links to my stories are broken because of the rename. My links below will take you to the internet archive.


From 2003-05 I wrote for International Family Magazine, which is now defunct. You can find that work the Internet Archive here. Those stories were picked up by an Indian family magazine called Folk which is also defunct. These stories link to copies on my website.

Find all of Brooke’s articles at IFM here.




Here you will find one of the rare photos of me at my trading desk back from my Rat Race years.


I am an amateur radio operator with avid interest in contesting and DXing. I’ve been licensed since 1966 (age 14). I am N2BA in the USA and I’ve been licensed and operated from over 35 countries. Here is a series of articles I wrote for the premier magazine for contesters.

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