I have decided to perform at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe this year (2016) producing and performing in two shows:

  • Secrets of the Fringe Walking Tour. This free tour begins at 10:00 AM from 5-28 August at 192a High Street right next to the Fringe office. Performers are invited to join us as we talk about how to get to see top acts for free and what life is like behind the scenes at the worlds largest arts festival. (Info: here)
  • (Cut the Bullshit) Len Bakerloo Speaks Truth to Power is about myy 30+ years navigating the moral minefield we call Wall Street, which is arguably the world’s largest bullshit factory. (Info: here)

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To learn more about why I am doing this, read my story in the Boots ‘n All Travel Magazine: A Better Way to Experience the Edinburgh Fringe (and life).

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