About Me

Personal mission: “To be of meaningful help to ‘my people’ who I define as ‘Over-Educated Westerners’.”

NOTE: After more than 40 years working to make money and wealth for others (and occasionally myself) I have decided to delegate that stuff and spend my time making a difference.

My latest project: Questions for Colleges (Q4Colleges.com) – What if faculty and staff at colleges answered the kinds of questions they ask applicants:

What is your mission? How did you come by your values? Discuss an ethical issue. Tell a story that changed how you think or feel. Or demonstrate critical thinking by asking a question your institution should be asking itself, and then answering it honestly.

We want to be a catalog of the people students go to college to meet.

Ongoing: No Shortage of Work (NoShortageOfWork.com) – Promoting the idea that even when you’re not doing something for pay, do something anyway.

Ongoing: Humongous Shortage of Work (HumongousShortageOfWork.com) – self-parody site promoting: “No learning without grades. No work without pay.”

Interest: Game DesignGamifying the Job Search, Game Design as Life Design

Interest: Job Market (Observation: Inefficient markets reward creative effort in ways efficient markets do not.) Creative ways of hiring: Article in Science, Interview. Creative ways of finding work: Article in Science, Personal Story. Interview: Job Hunting is Like Dating (but is it a seduction or a search for true love?)

PLEASE READ MY PERSONAL DISCLOSURE STATEMENT to learn more about what you can expect of me, good and bad.

Professional background:

  • Manager – Head of the Quantitative Trading Group at Maple Securities, USA, Inc.
  • Founder: Brooke Allen Information Systems, Inc., Bravo Alpha, Inc., MANE Fund Management, Inc.
  • Co-Founder: Education Technology Center, Inc., APL PI, Inc.
  • Author – Numerous short stories, two plays, and a book in progress.
  • Hobbies – Computer Programming, Amateur Radio, Travel, Networking, Burning Man
  • Family Man – Wife: Eve, Sons: Davis and Glen


1961-62 6th Grade with Mr. Rieur

1966-Summer with Grandparents

1970-71 Rose Poly (now RHIT)

1973-Learns APL

1971-74 BA, Math, Rutgers

1974-77 F/T Staff-P/T MS/CS

1977-79 American Airlines, Analyst

1979-81 Manager, I. C. S., Inc.

1981-Starts Brooke Allen Info. Sys.

1984-Starts Education Tech. Ctr.

1986-Marries Eve

1986-Got MBA, Finance, N. Y. U.

1986-88 Got over MBA

1988-Davis born

1986-90 Merrill Lynch, New York

1990-Glen born

1990-92 Merrill Lynch, Tokyo

1992-93 C. S. First Boston, Tokyo

1993-Starts Bravo Alpha, Inc.

1995-Joins Maple Securities, USA, Inc.

2001-Father dies

2004-Starts MANE Fund Mgmt., Inc.

2006-Mother dies

2006-Begins writing in earnest


2 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. I enjoyed learning a bit about you and reading your post: “How to hire good people instead of nice people”. I also enjoyed your Craigslist job ad.

    Leading with sincerity is (albeit sadly) a surprisingly fresh approach. Thanks!


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