3 thoughts on “Practical Wisdom for Management”

  1. This is a great piece to share with your university aged students (great insights that can blossom later in life when needed.) It also a reminder of those truths in life that really matter.


  2. The quote made my Margaret Thatcher is worth considering; it’s made before Social media became a factor of real power. Your destiny as person and leader is no longer only made upon your own actions but also upon how some people regard you and how their comments are regarded by others (perhaps millions of others). It takes a lot to stand to principles when you are not actually judged by your actions but more of words written by others.


  3. Brooke,
    I absolutely think this is a brilliant presentation. Insights like this often blossom later in life than we would wish. It sometimes seems to take an especially long time before our children become as wise as we tell them we have always been. Insight doesn’t come before someone plants the seeds and others water and nurture them. You show that brilliantly here and I will share this widely so it can help plant, water or nurture seeds that will blossom in others. Always care!


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