Game Design for Amateur Radio Contesters


My main tower at our country house – in operation from 1988-2014

(c) 2013-15 by Brooke Allen

I am an amateur radio operator with a particular interest in radio contesting, in which thousands of radio operators all over the world will spend an entire weekend talking to each other.

I have just completed a series of articles on game design for the National Contest Journal, which is the premier magazine for our hobby.

The articles might be of general interest because they also talk about principles that apply to everything that might be fun or keep you in flow. If you want to know how I use the word “flow” then read the articles.


Part 1 – Flow


Part 2 – Fun


Part 3 – Lighting a Fire


Part 4 – Feelings as Design Specs

Author: Brooke Allen

Founder – Viral Virtue, Inc.

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