Networkers give networking a bad name.

The modal message on Facebook is “Look at Me.”


  • Look at how beautiful I am.
  • Look at what I had for lunch.
  • Look at this inspirational quote that keeps me from wanting to cry if you don’t look at me at least three times a day.

The modal message on Linkedin is: “What can you do for me?”


  • Can you help me find a job?
  • Will you buy my product?
  • Will you give me an “informational interview” where I will ask for advice that I’ll ignore unless you give me a job?

If you don’t believe me then you’ve spent your time on the giving end of this treatment instead of on the receiving end.

I am more interested in this question:

“What can we do together in service to others?”

To be frank, if I don’t know you then I’m not very interested helping you.

But I am very interested in helping people like you.

I don’t mean I want to help people enjoy your company; I’m sure you are likable enough already.

I mean I want to help people who have the same kind of needs and problems you have.

Some examples:

  • If you are unemployed, I want to work with you so that together we can help other unemployed people, even if it doesn’t lead directly to a job for you.
  • If you have self-esteem issues (such as thinking your self-esteem is a all-important) I want to work with you to help others see that self-esteem is way over-rated and it is better to just do good work and see if it makes you feel good (and not worry if it doesn’t).
  • If you have an idea about how to make the world a better place then, after you go as far as you can making the idea a reality and raising as much money as you can, I’m happy for you to contact me and ask how I might help, understanding that my time is limited, there is no way you’re getting money from me, and I’m likely to think my ideas are better than yours even if yours really are better.

If this makes sense, and you still want to connect with me, then feel free to send me a connection request on LinkdIn. I’m at:

If you explain in your request why we should enter each other’s orbits then I’m likely to accept, and if you don’t then I won’t.

All the best,


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