N2BA Country Home for Sale


N2BA Country Home

with Detached Guest House / Radio Shack

$115,000 with two towers and antennas in place. 

($119,000 if I must take down the antennas and deliver the property bare.)

Sullivan County, New York – Two hours from New York City

Contact: Brooke Allen: 973-509-0229

write: brooke.t.allen@gmail.com


This property is on Mitchell Pond in Sullivan County, New York.

The lot is more than 4 acres and it extends from the road all the way down to the pond, for more than 1,000 feet.

The houses are set off the road by more than 300 feet. The location is very quiet.



Here I am up about 2/3rds of the way up the taller tower. There is no public access to Mitchell Pond, but you will  have about 165 feet of frontage.

The short tower is an HBDX 48 with a C3 antenna at 50 feet.

The garage parks 2 cars and has electricity.

The A-Frame has a queen bed downstairs, a queen futon, a small kitchen and bathroom. The shack is upstairs and it is set up for either SO2R, Multi-Single, or two Single Band Efforts.


100 FOOT ROHN 55 




The shack is in the loft in the A-Frame. There is room for two operators side-by-side, and there is a desk to the left of where this photo was taken for a 3rd position. There are two 220V outlets in the shack and another one downstairs.

On the first floor is a bedroom with a queen bed, a living room with a queen futon, a small kitchen with 2 burner stove, and a bathroom. It makes a very nice guest house in addition to ham shack.


Main 2BR house in the woods

 Kitchen/Dining Area/Living Room

with Wood Burning Stove and Air Conditioning

Deck with Picture Windows

Bedroom with Queen Bed

Bedroom with bunk beds and pull-out couch













A-FRAME Guest House

Downstairs: Kitchen, Washer/Dryer

Living Room (Queen Futon)

Queen Bed in Bedroom

Upstairs Ham Shack in loft + 1 Bed











Click here to watch video of the property


This video is taken in July, 2013. The homes have not been used since the prior summer so we apologize for the fact that furniture is not set up yet.


2 Car Garage

Has lights and electric outlets







We usually stay in the main house which can be seen in the bottom of the photograph to the right. It is a small two bedroom ranch house with a full kitchen/dining/living room. It has a deck which faces the pond.

This home has an air conditioner and a fireplace.

This house sits right on the edge of a hill which drops down perhaps 100 feet to the pond.

The XYL and our guests love this set-up because I can operate the radio and they won’t hear me (or even see my towers). When a large group of us are operating we you can sleep in this house and not be bothered by the station.


 History: When we bought this property in 1987 neither home was winterized. We insulated them both, put in baseboard heat, added cedar paneling in the A-Frame and hardwood floors in the main house. We also built a 2-car garage.

We are selling now because we are getting older and we’re very busy with other projects. In terms of maintenance, the grounds have been neglected so there is a lot of landscaping to do. The siding on the main house needs to be replaced.

We’re asking $138,000 and we are willing to include all the appliances and furniture if you wish.

Write to me, Brooke Allen at: brooke.t.allen@gmail.com



Skinner’s Falls in the pristine Delaware River, where you can sun bathe, swim, or raft:

Just a few miles to the west.




Bethel Woods Center for the arts, on the site of the original Woodstock Concert.

This is just a few miles to the east.

See: http://www.bethelwoodscenter.org/



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