Ham Widows is an organization that caters to the needs of the XYLs of Amateur Radio Operators.

Ham Widows Escort Service

This slide show explains our service in detail.

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When you are ready for your adventure, write to Brooke@BrookeAllen.com with the subject line: “Ham Widow in need of relief.”

Other products include:


My wife did not understand the full extent of my obsession with amateur radio contesting until after we were married.

I took her to  Montserrat in the Caribbean.

Did we explore the exotic island and hang out on the beaches?

No. I spent an entire weekend on the radio setting a new record for the WPX contest.

Then I took her to the Dayton Hamvention.

That’s all it took and HamWidows.org was born.

73 and 88, Brooke (N2BA/YN2SX)

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