Burning Man Projects

Couch Burner Camp

Summary of Activities

All games and activities are interactive and designed to bring friends and strangers together.


  • Honest Flirt – A board with questions couples and moresomes can ask each other and answer in a flirty manner.
  • Do Your Two Hearts Beat as One – A unique stethoscope lets two people listen to both their heartbeats. The challenge is to get them to beat in sync.
  • Come Together Roulette Wheel – Two electronic roulette wheels suggest activities couples can do together to increase their bonds and the attachments that will result.
  • Save the World Scavenger Hunt – Collect 12 jigsaw puzzle pieces and solve the mystery of how the Man can Save the World.
  • Love or Lust Tester – Two people touch foreheads or kiss and the device reads their potential for love or lust.


  • Honest Flirt Boot Camp – Instructors will teach you how to be an honest flirt.
  • End of the World Party – Scavenger Hunters bring to a party the jigsaw puzzle pieces they’ve found and see if they can form a complete picture and solve the question of how to save the world.

Gifts: We plan on gifting postcards, certificates, playing cards, pink stethoscopes, and other things related to our  activities.


We Provide Provocative Questions
You Provide Flirty Answers 

HonestFlirt.jpgFlirtation is the art of being attractive or finding others attractive for pleasure rather than with serious intention. A Tease derives amusement by raising hopes and then dashes them whereas a Seducer uses flirtation as a means to an end.

Honest Flirts are forthright and playful and always  make their agendas clear so nobody is surprised, offended, or disappointed.

Done right the flirt provides a useful social service by boosting self-esteem and redistributing confidence. To understand how, watch this video…


We want to revive a more innocent version of flirtation where, for example, a grandmother could boost the confidence of a grandson by saying “if I were but your age i would fall for you” without calling out the PC police (or, worse yet, the real thing).



A game board has cards that are flipped up to reveal provocative questions. Players take turns flipping up cards to reveal a suggested activity that usually involves answering a question, imagining a scenario, or touching each other in a playful way.

Do Your Hearts Beat as One
A Two-Person Stethoscope


A unique stethoscope allows two people to listen to both their heartbeats simultaneously (one person in one ear and the other person in the other ear). They are challenged to increase or decrease their heart rates until they beat in sync.


Pink stethoscopes will be given to couples who are successful at getting their hearts to beat as one.

Come Together
Roulette Wheel


When two people simultaneously press buttons on the Come Together Game Board lights begin flashing. They eventually one light settles on an activity (e.g. Hug, Massage Shoulders, Tickle Each Other) and another settles on a consequence (e.g. Find Intimacy, Experience Happiness, Fall in Love).

This game board will be turned on from sunrise to 10 PM and can be used without anyone in attendance. Meetups will be scheduled for 11 AM and 2 PM for players who want to specifically meet new partners.

Save the World Scavenger Hunt



The man has discovered how the world can be saved. Because he cannot talk, he has given us the secret in semaphore and has distributed the solution in twelve pieces of 3 characters each.

Players start with a postcard they pick up at the Couch Burner Camp at 8:00 and G.


The front of the post card lists all the semaphore signals and on the back is place to collect all the pieces of the message. You find these pieces at participating camps around the Playa.

For more information and information on how your camp can participat, go to ManSavesWorld.org

Love or Lust Tester 


I created this for the 2015 Burn and it will be returning this year. Two people touch the Love/Lust Tester and then each other and the device measures the level of connection they have and predicts the intensity of any love or lust they might experience.

Mounting and Shade Structure


Honest Flirt, Come Together, Save the World Scavenger Hunt, and Do Your Hearts Beat as One will be mounted on a wood frame that will also support a 14 by 16 foot shade structure behind it. The entire thing runs off of 12 v. dc, including lights. We will have a deep discharge battery recharged either by a solar panel or a battery charger off of the generator.

As of June 30 we have built the wood frame and shade structure but have not mounted the games yet. This is what it looks like in my back yard (with the game images photoshopped in.)


Love or Lust can be placed near the bar.

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