Engagement Terms for Collaboration

Let’s agree on some rules if we are going to collaborate on a project.

On February 10, 2014 I retired from the work world but not from the world of work.

There is no shortage of work; there never has been and never will be, even though often there is a shortage of money to bribe people to do the work.  Ahem, did I say, “bribe?” I meant to say: “a budget to pay a fair wage.”

Now that I’ve left the rat race with enough money to not need money I’m going to concentrate on doing the things that won’t get done unless I do them.

Because it is lonely working alone I like to find collaborators. On the other hand, if we don’t get along we can end up making ourselves miserable rather than making the world a better place. Here are some things I’d want out of a relationship and I would expect you to want no less. However, I want to be flexible, so if you think any of this is unreasonable then let’s talk; perhaps we can negotiate something better.

Our time is valuable

I’ve noticed that when I don’t charge people for my time they tend to think it isn’t worth anything. This is crap. The time I give away is more precious than the time I charge for because for decades I worked extra hard and denied myself lots of goodies and saved money just to have time to give away now. You have the right for me to respect your time too.

Shooting the shit is fine as long as we get something done

I’ve noticed that most people like drinking alcohol and complaining about how screwed up the world is. I like to do that too. But when we sober up we need to get some shit done or the next time when I’m drinking with a buddy complaining about how screwed up the world is we might be talking about you.

Do or do not. There is no try.

Have you noticed everything sounds wiser when delivered with bad grammar or bizarre sentence construction? Nike owns “Just do it.” I like it because “it” sounds sexual, but I prefer: “Everything happens in the present; there is no then and when.” And: “In the future are only dreams and in the past are only lessons.”

I don’t want to help you solve your problem; I want to collaborate with you to solve other people’s problems

If you want me to help you solve your problem than my rate is $500 for the first hour and we can go from there. But if you are working on a big juicy problem that if solved will help thousands or more then the first hour is free and likely the rest of them will be free too.

Let’s be our own bosses

You be the boss of you and I’ll be the boss of me so that we can each take ultimate responsibility for our own lives. I have failed at many things and I am perfectly happy to take responsibility for a project failing if it is my fault. But failing at something does not make me a personal failure; only I can judge myself to be a failure and I hope that if what we do together ends poorly we don’t blame each other for our own failures or imagine that failing makes us anything but stronger and more resilient. OK?


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